July 15 -
Remember to cancel your reservations for this year. You can do so by calling one of these two numbers:

One number is for the Isle of Capri/Lady Luck. It is:  303-998-7850.

The other number is for the El Dorado properties in Reno (the owners of the Lady Luck) it is:

June 20 - We are very sad to share that for the first time in 20 years we are going to “postpone” Cruise the Rockies 20.
Due to many circumstances beyond our control we cannot move forward with our Cruise in August. Due to Covid19 our registrations are way down, even some of those registered in advance do not feel comfortable traveling now and staying in a major hotel at this time.

The main issues are the restrictions imposed by Federal, State and Local governments. Roads we planned to cruise are closed for the season, parks are limiting the number of people allowed and we cannot make the reservations needed for large groups for restaurants and parks.

In light of this situation we will plan to do our 20th Cruise the Rockies in 2021. If you’ve already registered we can offer you automatic registration for next year or you may contact us for a refund.

We are so sorry it has come to this but we tried and we can’t provide the event we wanted and the experience you deserve.

Please plan to come next year, we still want to celebrate this momentous time of 20 years of cruising the beautiful state of Colorado. The projected dates next year will be August 12-15, 2021. Hopefully it will be at the same place, we will keep you posted as we will have to verify we still have access to the hotel at reasonable rates.

Thank you,

Your Colorado PT Cruiser Club Committee
Pat & Cindy Liles
Rick & Patty Conine

Cruise The Rockies XX at  Black Hawk, CO

Thursday August 12 2021 - Sunday August 15 2021

Classed As One Of The Top Cruising Events In America

In early 2001, a group of people got together in Denver Colorado to see if there was enough interest in forming aPT Cruiser club in Colorado. In a matter of a couple of hours and a short cruise in the Denver area, we were hooked and the Colorado PT Cruiser Club was formed. We would meet at a local restaurant for a good meal and a visit with each other about our cruisers and then it was off to go cruising somewhere in the mountains close to where we met for lunch. We enjoyed this so much that we decided to invite everyone from other States to come visit us and let us show them our beautiful State.  


In June of 2001, we created what we called "Cruise The Rockies", and through web sites around the Country, we invited everyone to come cruise with us. The rest is history. Cruise The Rockies has become one of the best cruiser events in the Country, based on the simple fact of Cruising. Sure, we love to show off our cruisers to everyone, but the best part of Cruise The Rockies is meeting new friends that have the same interest in cars, getting to see old friends from around the Country that have been to previous events, and most of all, to show off the beautiful mountain areas of Colorado. You can say that the Colorado PT Cruiser Club is a travel agent for the State. 


The second year of Cruise The Rockies was cruising over Independence Pass. While the committee was on our "pre-cruise" check, we were coming over the pass and one of the members said something that has become our motto.

"If You Haven't Cruised Colorado, You Haven't Cruised.”

Black Hawk is a fantastic resort area that will be central for us to do many wonderful cruises and events . We have the Peak to Peak highway,  Estes Park and Rocky Mtn National Park to commemorate our First Cruise the Rockies! Mount Evans is a short drive away it is the Highest paved road in the US! Idaho Springs is just over the hill and there are gold mine tours, shops, restaurants, brewery...etc. the Georgetown Loop railroad is a short drive away as well and is a fun thing to do. We also have Golden CO,  the Lariat loop, Lookout Mountain and Buffalo Bill's grave as potential places to cruise to or you might visit yourself.

More info and plans to come....We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible to be with us to celebrate this Historic 20th Anniversary!!!!


So get Ready, get Excited, SO Many things to Do! it's going to be a blast so get those registrations in ASAP!

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