The Colorado PT Cruiser Club

Open To All Makes Of Cars (Cruising folks)

Please RSVP

Please help us out and try to RSVP if you are coming to a event.
We list the contact person on that particular event so we can plan on how many are coming.
 If we have only 3 that RSVP, we don’t make plans to eat, since with that few people
we can go anywhere. If we get 3 RSVP’s and 20 cars show up. We run into problems. 
So, if  you can, RSVP when you are coming. Thanks.

STILL like to have you, our club members, give us ideas and suggestions for our monthly meet-n-greets. We cannot continue to do this by ourselves and if we don’t get more participants we won’t be able to keep this going. 


We’ve had only a handful of people this past year help us organize places to go and things to do. We do enjoy meeting with you every month but we are running out of ideas. We need you to step up and get us set up for activities such as parades, going to interesting places, restaurants, etc. We all have very busy lives but if we want to continue to have fun together we HONESTLY need your help. That’s what a CLUB is a group of folks, not just individuals. 


So please help by sending your thoughts or ideas to us and we will do our very best to incorporate them into our events schedule. It can be for anytime of the month not just the second Saturday. Get creative, we know you’re willing to help us. You can email us at
May 30, 2022

Memorial Day Parade


Hello Everyone.

We will gather at 8:00 am. at

Del Taco

8100 North Field Blvd

Denver CO 80239



Depart for staging area at 8:30 am (changed time)


After the parade (approx 11:30 am) we will have lunch at:

Bar Louie

Verba St., North Field Blvd. suite 8332



Both the 8am and 9am are estimates and may change slightly.


Please RSVP to Cindy at

Please let me know if you will be doing both Parade and Lunch!

How many people will be in your party. 


Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up!  Hope to see you there!

June - September

Golden Super Cruise - Golden, CO Car Show
We usually meet in front of the Taco Bell on South Golden Road, 

 First Saturday of the month...June 4th, July 2nd August 6th Sept 3rd Oct 1st 

Welcome to the 2022 Super Cruise! Please read 'Organized Cruise' in Cruise News. As always have fun!

September 15th - 18th, 2022

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