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The Colorado PT Cruiser Club

Open To All Makes Of Cars (Cruisers)

Please RSVP

Please help us out and try to RSVP if you are coming to a event.
We list the contact person on that particular event so we can plan on how many are coming.
 If we have only 3 that RSVP, we don’t make plans to eat, since with that few people
we can go anywhere. If we get 3 RSVP’s and 20 cars show up. We run into problems. 
So, if  you can, RSVP when you are coming. Thanks.

STILL like to have you, our club members to give us ideas and suggestions for our monthly meet-n-greets. We cannot continue to do this by ourselves and if we don’t get more participants we won’t be able to keep this going. 


We’ve had only a handful of people this past year help us organize places to go and things to do. We do enjoy meeting with you every month but we are running out of ideas. We need you to step up and get us set up for activities such as parades, going to interesting places, restaurants, etc. We all have very busy lives but if we want to continue to have fun together we HONESTLY need your help. That’s what a CLUB is a group of folks, not just individuals. 


So please help by sending your thoughts or ideas to us and we will do our very best to incorporate them into our events schedule. It can be for anytime of the month not just the second Saturday. Get creative, we know you’re willing to help us. You can email us at
 --> 2020 August Events
See XX Cruise the Rockies tab above

November Events
Lunch at Efrain's
Nov 9, 12:30pm
101 Cleveland St., Lafayette, CO 80026
Parking is limited but there is plenty of parking on the street.
Please RSVP not later than Nov 5th.

December Events
Holiday Party and Parade
December 7, 2:30pm
Collision Brewing
1436 Skyway Dr.
Longmont, CO
Depart promptly at 4:15pm for
Lyons, CO 
Assembly area 5:00pm
Church of Latter Day Saints
200 2nd Ave.
Parade Marshalls will move us to the final assembly area after check in.
The theme is Winter Wonderland.
Santa decorations are strictly prohibited.
All cars MUST have lights as part of their decorations.
Please RSVP for either or both events to no later than Nov 30th.

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