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Join The Colorado PT Cruiser Club


1. Do you LOVE to cruise?
2. Do you smile a lot and like to have fun ?
3. Do you like the company of other happy people ?
4. Do you LOVE cruising Colorado ?
5. Are like most of us........Half Crazy ?

If the answer to any or all of the above questions is "Yes" 
then you meet all of the requirements we have to
 become a member of our club.

There are no membership charges for this PT Cruiser Club.
Use that money to buy some bling for your cruising vehicle.

Come to any of our Meet & Greets, or to one of our events and you will soon understand why our motto is.......


The information below will be used for our membership mailing list.  Please type in the spaces on this form and click “Join Club Now”

Welcome To The Colorado PT Cruiser Club
We take On-Line Security Very Seriously! Your information is safe with us and will only be used for  getting information to you about the club and club event.

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